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4 Tips for Gifting a Necklace

Twisted Collection Sterling Silver Twisted Swirl Necklace Rhodium plated Sku# N17007TWISLRH

Giving jewelry as a gift is a time-honored tradition. Gifting jewelry that the receiver actually wants to wear is decidedly more difficult. While it’s true that simply receiving a gift can be enough to make the receiver happy, wouldn’t you prefer it if they loved what you gave? Here are 4 tips from ARY D’PO […]

Enamel Designer Jewelry. Fashion? Dream?

Enamel Designer Jewelry. Fashion? Dream?

Enamel on Gold – it may seem like an ancient craft as it dates back to the times of Ancient Egypt. However, with a bit of art and creativity, enamel jewelry can be excitingly decorative and fresh. Unlike gemstones that are cut, polished then finished, enamel work involves the use of powdered enamel glass that […]