It’s not just jewelry, it’s art

…Life imitates art, and art imitates nature… ARY D’PO is the aesthetic brainchild of an artist, a maker of beautiful things, and a lover of art, admirer of anything that speaks of beauty. There is a methodical madness to the intricately woven together inspirations from fantastical fairy tales, stoic stories of survival, and even just the pastoral peace planted by the world all around us. Each individual jewelry design is imbued by the delicate love of the creators and the power of the symbols it captures; full of positive energy. Pieces are meticulously crafted by an experienced designer and meant to be worn with warmth. ARY D’PO is for the movers and the shakers, the natural and the whimsical, the artistic and the practical. It is a creative movement dedicated towards visualizing the world from behind a more beautiful lens – dedicated to not just imitating nature, but to appreciating life.