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Inspired by the architectural masterpiece The Ca' d'Oro (Venice, Italy), ARY D'PO is presenting the quatrefoil ornament resembling a four-leaf clover (symbol of Good Luck).

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Why Four Leaf Clover and what is Quatrefoil?

The Ca' d'Oro or Palazzo Santa Sofia or

ARY D’PO’s connection with art and nature is evident in every jewelry piece we create. We love saying that “Life imitates Art, and Art imitates Nature.” Our Four Leaf Clover Jewelry Collection is another great example of that expression.

Inspired by the quatrefoil ornament, resembling a four-leaf Lucky clover, this beautiful collection is created to bring joy and happiness. Used in architecture and art for centuries, the quatrefoil is also one of the main decorations of The Ca’ d’Oro (or Palazzo Santa Sofia), located in Venice, Italy. Our fascination with this Gothic architectural masterpiece was the reason we created the Four Leaf Clover Collection.

Four Leaf Clover Pendant-Necklace 18K Gold over Sterling Silver Ca'.d'Oro

A four-leaf clover quatrefoil is not just a decorative element, it has been widely adopted by Christianity and is considered as a symbol of good luck.

The ARY D’PO Four Leaf Clover Collection is perfect for every day wear and a great gift idea if you are looking for jewelry as a gift.