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ARY D’PO Enchanting Obsidian Collection

Beautifule woman looking to the left with arydpo Obsidian Collection Necklace and Earring Rhodium over sterling silver

Obsidian is a smooth and translucent gemstone, known best for its protective powers. This enchanting volcanic glass is typically jet-black, formed when lava solidifies so fast that crystals do not have time to grow. ARY D’PO designers were enraptured by this jewelry material. The unique stone’s appearance varies depending on how it is cut. In one direction it is jet black, while in another it is gleaming gray or brown, and occasionally smoky transparent.

Smoky Transparent With Black Pattern obsidian

Due to its hypnotizing appearance, many ancient cultures have believed obsidian holds great spiritual power. Cultures such as the Aztecs and Mayans used polished obsidian as “mirrors” to access other realms. They believed that obsidian would reflect off the soul. They would use obsidian mirrors to ritually access the Aztec underworld and communicate with the dead. The gods were said to reveal their wishes to a ruler through the use of a mirror.

Given its intense darkness, it was also thought that obsidian absorbs negative energy from the world, blocking dangerous or unwanted spiritual influences. Many people, even today, consider obsidian to be a powerfully protective material. And being so sharp, the stone is considered to pierce into darkness to reveal the truth. With this powerful ability, obsidian brings clarity and tranquillity to the mind.

Reshaping tiger obsidian stone

Native Americans also crafted arrowheads from obsidian to use as weapons and as good luck talismans to wear into battle. For the Obsidian Spirit collection, ARY D’PO were inspired by the powerful silhouettes of ancient arrowheads. Ancient arrowheads were simple and rustic, but ARY D’PO has incorporated starker edges, precious metals and a more polished finish to make these pieces sophisticated and elegant for contemporary day and night-time wear.

The Obsidian Drop Necklaces are crafted from 18 karat yellow Gold or Rhodium, plated over .925 sterling silver. The adjustable 18-21 inch gold chain suspends a perfectly sculpted piece of natural obsidian. The Obsidian collection also features drop earrings, which are a distinctive choice for evening wear. This is something very different from classic gemstones such as diamond, but still projects undeniable elegance. As each stone is naturally sourced, its color and pattern may vary slightly from the image shown – each piece is truly one of a kind.

The ARY D’PO Obsidian collection combines the bewitching ancient powers of naturally sourced obsidian with modern design principles. The result is a clean-lined and captivating collection of stunning designer jewelry that is auspicious, special and enhances any outfit.