General Recommendations for Jewelry Care:

When you have a jewelry collection, you want it to last as long as possible. After all, your pieces are likely meaningful and worth a lot. If you put in the time to care for your jewelry, the materials will last much longer. Keeping your pieces dry, clean, and away from heat and chemicals will ensure they stay in good condition.

You should also make sure you store your jewelry properly. Store your jewelry in a safe and dry location. Keeping pieces in their original bags and pouches is also a great idea. A jewelry box divided into compartments is useful as well, as this prevents pieces from getting tangled or scratching each other.

Your jewelry is important to you. If you take proper care of your jewelry and store it well, your stunning jewelry collection will last for decades, or even centuries!

ARY D’PO Jewelry Product Care:

Keep your ARY D’PO jewelry away from direct exposure to heat, alcohol and alcohol-based products like perfume. Dry it carefully if the item gets wet by using a soft cotton cloth, which can be used to remove excess residue after each wear, as well. You may also clean it using warm soapy water, if it requires more cleaning. Avoid sleeping with your jewelry on to prevent damaging the piece(s).

Store your ARY D’PO jewelry in a safe and dry location. Keep your plated pieces in the anti-tarnish bags (or with anti-tarnish strips) provided to maintain their original beauty over time.

All ARY D’PO jewelry pieces come in a gift-ready branded packaging.

Beautiful art needs a beautiful frame…

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