The 10 Best Things to Do This Summer – COVID-19 Edition

10 things you may want to do in Summer-2020:

Generally, we all get excited thinking about Summer with all the great ideas for a vacation, short trips, water activities, natural suntanning, or simply a recharge. Well, this Summer might be a little different and, while not all our plans may come to light because of the quarantine or certain limitations for public safety purposes, it is still Summer and it is up to us to think positively and use this time well. So, we’ve put together a list of 10 things you may want to do in Summer-2020:

1. Organize and decorate your house.

We all have tons of little household projects that we’ve been meaning to do but have unfortunately not come around to. Well, what better time than now to do it! Improving the place you’re quarantining will not only make time pass faster but then you’ll be able to enjoy your space.

2. Catch up on all the movies and tv shows that you’ve been meaning to watch.

All of us have had endless recommendations from friends and family that we’ve been meaning to watch, so now’s the best time to do it.

3. Call your family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while.

While you’re at it, why don’t you contact all the people that you miss dearly but haven’t had the time to spend with, this could be family in a different state or country, friends that had different jobs with different schedules, ect…

4. Take a sightseeing trip without leaving your car.

Especially now, with gas prices sinking to record lows, what better idea than to take a social distance road trip! Grab your family, roommate, or call a friend, get some snacks, and HIT THE ROAD!

5. Hike the nearby trails that are still open.Hike the nearby trails that are still open.

Though going outside among crowds may not be a good idea, going out into nature certainly is! A lot of small local hiking trails are still open during this time and hiking is an amazing way to get some exercise, as well as entertaining yourself.

6. Cook a fancy dinner – chef style (learn a new recipe).Cook a fancy dinner - chef style (learn a new recipe)

The internet (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in particular) is full of new brilliant and innovative recipes, food hacks, and so much more and if you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to try them out, now’s your chance!

7. Learn a new skill.

There are so many fabulous new classes that are online and are now free. You can learn anything from knitting to fashion to computer coding and since we’re all stuck at home, there’s no better thing to do to both pass the time and improve yourself.

8. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day.Treat yourself to an at-home spa day.

After spending all that time hiking, learning, and cooking, you definitely deserve a nice relaxing self-care day. Go all out for yourself and treat yourself to a full spa day at home! Light some candles, run a bath, and let your stress melt away.

9. Recreate celebrity fashion with an at-home runway show.

For something fun for the whole family, you can have a fashion show at home! You can do the infamous pillow trend, recreate fabulous celebrity outfits, or even just put on your nicest clothes and strut your stuff.

10. Get some culture.

Finally, since all movie theatres, museums, and concerts have all been cancelled or are closed, there’s a new way to bring some culture into your life. The Metropolitan Opera is streaming nightly. As well as The Kennedy Center which is putting new shows on YouTube every day. You can see some of your favorite artists right at home!

By now you’re probably into some or most of these and you’ve mastered online shopping as well ?, but we just wanted to share our thoughts with you and let you know that we are in it together and are always working to make your experience with ARY D’PO enjoyable!