Top 8 Jewelry Gift Ideas For New Moms

Top 8 Jewelry Gift Ideas For New Moms

Many women consider becoming a mom to be one of the biggest life milestones they ever experience. Growing, carrying, and giving birth to a tiny human is hard work, to say the least! Of course you want to show your pregnant partner the appreciation she deserves when she finally delivers your baby, and a great way to do this is with a push present. In this article, we have some key information about what a push present is, how to choose one, and 8 jewelry gift ideas for new moms that she’s bound to love.

What is a push present?

A push present is a gift a woman’s partner, or sometimes family, gives her after she has a baby. It’s often jewelry, and it may be given either before or after the delivery. In 2004, BabyCenter did a survey of more than 30,000 new moms and moms-to-be. They found that 55% of pregnant mothers wanted to receive a push present, and 38% of new moms did receive one.

While the statistics are clear that many women do want a push present, it’s also important to note that the push present trend comes with some controversy. Some people feel that this gift gives an expectant father an “easy way out”. Some people feel that a push present could be used as an excuse to get out of chores or helping out with the hard work that comes with a new baby in the house.

Therefore, it’s probably best if you have a conversation with your partner before buying her a push present. Get an idea of her perspective about this trend so you can work out if it’s something she would like. And remember, while a push present is lovely, it shouldn’t be a way to get out of household chores. No gift should ever come with strings attached!

Jewelry as a push present

If you’ve decided to give jewelry as a push present, you’re making an excellent choice. This is a classic gift for this occasion. A precious token of gold, silver or another precious metal is an item a woman can always keep and cherish. Every time she puts it on, she’ll remember the amazing milestone of becoming a mom.

When choosing the jewelry, make sure to take her personal style into account. Many women love receiving jewelry as a gift. However, it’s important that you pick out something that goes with her wardrobe. if she’s someone who sticks to subtle silver pieces and she unwraps a huge, brightly colored statement bangle, it may not go down so well. Have a peek at her jewelry box and take note of the themes you see. It’s always safest to get her pieces similar to what she already has.

One thing to take note of is that it’s best to avoid dangly jewelry. New babies love reaching for things, and having them grab onto a piece of jewelry is an easy way for it to get broken. A necklace can be tucked into a top, but be especially wary of dangle earrings. Many new moms can’t wear earrings because it hurts their ears when the baby grabs at them. If you opt for earrings, stick to studs.

Jewelry gift ideas for new momsa woman holding a newborn child

1.   Birthstone jewelry

You may already know that each month is associated with a gemstone. Although the idea of birthstones has existed in various cultures for centuries, an official list has been created. The American National Association of Jewelers (now called Jewelers of America) made the list in 1912, although it has since been updated a few times. It’s easy to find this list online.

These gemstones are often featured on rings, as a pendant on a necklace, or as a charm. As a push present, it’s a nice idea to get the new mom a piece of jewelry featuring the baby’s birthstone. For a July baby, you might get an onyx ring. If the baby’s expected in November, topaz stud earrings would be a beautiful choice.

2.   Initial pendant necklace

If you’ve already decided on a name for the baby, pick out a pendant necklace featuring the baby’s initials. A pendant with a little “A” for “Amy” is a personalized choice that the new mom will always cherish. Pick a nice metal, like gold or rose gold. The initial could be plain, or adorned with a crystal like cubic zirconia to add a little extra flair.

Just remember that, sometimes, when a mom has her baby, she changes her mind on the name. If you both meet your new little one and think “she just doesn’t look like an Amy!” then you’ll be limited to choosing another “A” name. Make sure you keep the receipt in case of any last minute name changes!

3.   Engraved jewelry

If you’re choosing to give the gift a few days after the baby is born, then you’ll have time to get an engraving done. Pick a gorgeous pendant, ring or other piece of jewelry with enough room for an inscription. Then, take it to a professional to get it marked with the details of the lovely day.

You could consider getting your child’s name, initials, date of birth, or a sentimental message. You could get creative and even get a quote from a book or movie that relates to motherhood and is meaningful to the new mom. Such a personalized jewelry gift is lovely, and will mean so much to her.

4.   A locket necklace

These pendant necklaces, featuring a tiny compartment accessible by a hinged door, are a gorgeous and vintage type of jewelry. If she loves antiques, this could be the right gift for the new mom in your life.

A locket is one of the best jewelry gift ideas for new moms. Inside the compartment, you can put a photograph of your newborn. Some moms also like to put a tiny lock of their baby’s hair inside. This is sentimental and extra special.

5.   A watch

Any woman with kids knows that staying on schedule is an important part of running a family. With so much to do yet so few hours in the day, you can help her stay on time with a gorgeous watch.

Watches are a timeless and practical type of jewelry that will never go out of style. They also come in so many styles and price points. Casual, vintage, luxury…just pick what you feel is right for her!

6.   An eternity ring

Eternity rings symbolize a new and important milestone in your relationship. Starting a family together is a huge step forward in any relationship. If you’re already married, you can give her a meaningful second ring to signify this new chapter of your lives together.

Eternity rings come in many types of metals and designs, but are always consistent all the way around the band. This symbolizes that your relationship will last forever. Go for a precious metal such as gold or silver, and consider getting a ring adorned with a timeless gemstone such as diamonds.

7.   A baby-themed charm

If the new mom in your life already has lots of jewelry, consider getting her a charm for a bracelet instead. Many women love filling their charm bracelets with pieces that mark important milestones in their lives. And what’s more special than becoming a mom?

Baby-themed charms could include things like a tiny rattle, a little pram, or a bottle. She’ll love seeing the new charm displayed beside all the other events that have brought her to where she is today.

8.   A bangle

ARYDPO Matte Gold & Rhodium cuff bracelets with marquis cut crystals

A stylish bangle is a very versatile gift. If she’s someone who’s a little hard to buy for, a high quality gold, silver or rhodium bangle won’t disappoint. These are always on trend, and add a svelte charm to any outfit.

Another perk of a bangle bracelet is that (if they’re high quality) they’re very strong. No amount of tugging from the baby will break this solid piece of metal, which can be an issue with cheap jewelry with easily breakable parts.

Tips for giving a jewelry gift to a new mom

Choose an appropriate time to give the gift. This could be at home before she gives birth, once she comes home from hospital, or any time in between. Some people give a push present in the delivery room. This is a nice idea, but remember that she’s likely to be very tired right after the birth. It might be best to keep it in your pocket and only give it then if the moment feels right. If not, wait until after she’s had some rest.

Becoming parents is a hugely exciting moment. While jewelry is a great gift for new moms, the most important thing is that the present you choose makes her feel special. The present you choose will make her feel appreciated, and help get you both kickstart the beginning of this new lifelong journey as parents.