What To Consider When Buying Jewelry For Millennials

What To Consider When Buying Jewelry For Millennials

If you’re part of an older generation, you might feel puzzled by many millennial style choices, ideas, and habits. It’s a good idea to do some research before buying jewelry for millennials!

Millennials are also known as Generation Y. This group is made up of people born between 1981 and 1996. Today, they are between 24 and 39 years old. Many of them are students, young professionals, or are starting families.

This age group is open minded, love technology, and boast strong ambitions and morals. In general, they aren’t too concerned about flashy purchases or status symbols. Instead, they care about social and environmental issues. As a result, they like to opt for ethical and unique brands when shopping.

You almost certainly have some millennials in your life. They could be your daughter, daughter-in-law, niece, coworker or friend. If one of them is celebrating a special occasion, or you want to buy her something lovely for the holiday season, jewelry is a great choice.

Buying jewelry for millennials

Like the generations before them, millennial women will be more than happy to receive a beautiful piece of jewelry as a gift.

When shopping, you should make sure to buy something that will look natural next to her peers. It can be tempting to choose a unique statement piece. However, make sure that the type of jewelry you choose fits naturally into her wardrobe and pairs well with her style.

Here are some great things to remember when you’re buying jewelry for millennials. If you pick something perfect, she’ll be able to wear it often and cherish the piece.

Think minimalist

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Millennials have rejected big spending, a key feature of baby boomers. They have more debt than any generation before them, and so are quite skeptical of buying things they don’t need.

This mindset led to the minimalist movement. This style has existed since just after World War II. However, millennials have really embraced it. Many younger people feel calmed by simple and clean home décor, outfits, and jewelry.

Feminism also promoted a shift away from heavy and uncomfortable fashion. While many older women still love a big feature necklace, most modern women now opt for light, breezy thin chains or simple rings. When buying jewelry for millennials, seek out light and easy to wear pieces.

Aiming for minimal pieces is also a safe way to buy jewelry as a gift. Even if the woman you’re buying for does prefer wearing feature pieces now and again, opting for simple pieces helps to ensure you’ll make a good choice. Any woman will enjoy simple and well-made earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets that she can easily wear with any look.

Millennials don’t like being flashy with brands

Millennials are far less class conscious than those before them. As a result, they have embraced the idea of “labelless” fashion. Many women might be embarrassed to wear a noticeable Gucci logo. The popular opinion is that this looks like they’re trying too hard, and that it’s a bit tacky.

While they don’t like logos so much, many millennial women do enjoy the quality of their designer jewelry. If you pick out something high-end, she’ll love how well made it is. Just make sure that the piece doesn’t have the label all over it. She will know that it’s quality and love that. She just won’t want to shout it from the rooftops!

Don’t worry about gender

This generation is also known for its shift away from traditional gender roles. The lines between what jobs, activities and clothes “belong” to each gender are quickly blurring.

Many brands, big and small, are catering to this shift. When shopping for jewelry for millennials, don’t strictly look for girly pieces. If you’re buying for a woman who enjoys gender neutral styling, avoid gemstones. Instead, go for high-quality metal cuff bracelets, bold chains, or artistic earrings.

Avoid diamonds

Apparently, diamonds are not forever. Demand for diamonds was driven by a popular 1947 marketing campaign by the supplier De Beers. However, there’s a few reasons that women are now less drawn to this classic stone than their mothers were.

It has now become common knowledge that diamonds aren’t very rare. They are actually an overpriced stone. Millennials are cost conscious, and often critical of items with inflated worth. They would much rather have a piece of jewelry that truly deserves its high price tag.

Diamonds also aren’t that unique. Back when diamonds were popular, they were a key status symbol. These days, women want something special that sets them apart from their peers.

Although not always true, diamonds have also earned a name as an unethical gemstone. Modern women are known for being very morally conscious. This is why they are attracted to environmentally friendly and ethical jewelry. Many women are very skeptical of diamonds that aren’t lab grown.

Millennials love ethical jewelry

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What to buy other than diamonds and flashy brands? Sustainable fashion has been a key conversation in 2020. Many millennials criticize diamonds for not being ethically sourced. This generation is known for being socially conscious. So, what would they prefer?

Take the time to research brands that use recycled or ethically sourced materials. Many ethical jewelry brands support the communities where pieces are made or materials are sourced from. Look for brands that are transparent about how they produce their pieces, and/or commit to zero-waste processes.

If you buy a millennial woman jewelry and can explain the ethical tenets behind it, she will love that. If you’re having a hard time finding ethical brands, vintage pieces also leave no environmental footprint, so tick a similar box.

Artisanal, small brand jewelry is great

Millennials are highly individualistic people. While previous age groups might buy jewelry based on what is popular and everyone else has, millennials like to consider their personal styles. They often dress uniquely, and think about their colorings, preferences and existing wardrobes when choosing what accessories to buy.

Because they have more average debt than previous generations, many young people are more critical of consumerism than their parents were. They’re often critical of capitalism and enjoy individualism. This means small brands and boutiques are the way to go when buying jewelry for millennials.

Many modern women like to support small businesses and help them succeed. Jewelry from lesser known stores is more unique and often more ethical than big-brand pieces. Something handmade or locally made is the perfect choice when buying jewelry for millennials. It just feels a bit more special.

Everyone’s different

Shiny Star Necklace 18K Rose Gold Over Sterling SilverRemember that everyone has their own personal style. Maybe the thirty year old you’re shopping for just loves girly pieces adorned with diamonds. In that case, you don’t need to buy her something gender neutral and minimal just because that’s what other women her age tend to like. Take note of what jewelry the woman you’re buying for likes to wear.

Still, looking at the overall trends of a woman’s age group is a great way to gain insight about what jewelry would make a great gift for her. With careful thought, you’re sure to pick something stunning.