How Stylists Choose Statement Jewelry For Events

How Stylists Choose Statement Jewelry For Events shown a team of stylists working with their client on choosing her outfit that will match her purple dress and long blond hair

Celebrities and models show off thousands of beautiful and creative looks at fashion events each year. They are dressed by experienced designers and stylists who know all the tricks to highlighting the best parts of a glamorous evening look.

Jewelry is a crucial part of these outfits.Black Agate & Diamond 18K Gold plated St. Silver Earrings

Michaela Erlanger, professional Hollywood stylist,  has dressed celebrities such as Meryl Streep and Diane Kruger. She told CNN “the dress sets the tone, but the jewelry is the icing on the cake. I look for brilliant pieces like statement earrings or necklaces or vintage and museum pieces.”

When it comes to statement jewelry, it’s important that stylists use the best methods to make the piece stand out. In this post, we’ll share the tried and true techniques used by stylists to make celebrities and models sparkle in the limelight.

Statement Jewelry: Necklaces

Because of their eye-catching central placement, necklaces make great statement pieces to build a look around. When a celebrity wears a necklace as a feature piece, it is best paired with minimal earrings such as studs in colors that complement but don’t overwhelm the piece. Statement necklaces are best with thin-strapped or strapless dresses. This leaves the area from the chest upwards open, allowing the feature necklace take centre stage. Chokers are suitable to wear with any neckline, as they sit high enough that they don’t disrupt the cut of the dress. Actresses Scarlett Johannson and Zazie Beetz were both seen in stunning diamond Bulgari chokers at the recent Golden Globe Awards.

Statement Jewelry: Earrings

Just as it’s best to wear subtle earrings with a statement necklace, the rule is true in reverse. When wearing statement earrings, keep the necklace minimal to let them pop. As earrings are right next to the wearer’s face, it is important to consider factors such as dress length, hair length, face shape, and skin tone of the wearer when choosing earrings. Drop earrings in plain gold or silver, or decorated with gems, are always a classy and timeless piece for red carpet and fashion event looks. Hoops have seen a big comeback and are hugely popular this year. Celebrities including Sophia Vergara have looked amazing wearing oversized statement hoops on the red carpet. 

Statement Jewelry: Rings

Stacked rings are very popular at the moment. Many stylists make sure to choose flat edges and rings with small stones so they sit comfortably and naturally on the fingers. Big feature rings look good with a mini cocktail dress for an electric 1960s look. Attention-grabbing rings will draw eyes to the hands, which means it’s important for the wearer’s nails to be freshly manicured in a style that complements the look.

Statement Jewelry: Bracelets

Although a statement bracelet and matching necklace might be too much, matching earrings to a bracelet is more low key and can make for a beautifully balanced look. Feature diamond bracelets have been very popular since Gwyneth Paltrow showed up to the 2012 Oscars in a million-dollar diamond cuff. Stacked bracelets make for a sweet and bohemian look. When stacking bracelets, many stylists follow the rule of no more than two types of metal, so it doesn’t look too busy.

Statement Jewelry: Brooches

Brooches are a cool and unique way to add a feminine detail to masculine garments such as a blazer. They can be practical for making the rest of an outfit sit nicely on the wearer. For instance, brooches can be used as a glamorous way to pin a scarf in place or close a jacket. Saoirse Ronan was seen wearing a stunning Gucci tsavorite and diamond brooch in her hair, which is an eye-catching take.

Key principles

  • It’s usually best to stick to one feature piece, and keep the rest of the jewelry minimal to enhance the rest of the look.
  • Many stylists use the rest of the outfit to create a mood around the selected piece of artistic statement jewelry.
  • Before a big event, it’s best to clean jewelry so it shines bright in photos.
  • It’s no secret that Hollywood has a love for vintage and art-deco inspired jewelry. If you’re creating a glamorous evening look for yourself, get inspired by classy old-Hollywood style.

Jewelry should never overpower the woman wearing it but should enhance her natural beauty, personality, and features.