4 Tips for Gifting a Necklace

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Gifting jewelry – a time-honored tradition – that the receiver actually wants to wear is decidedly more difficult. While it’s true that simply receiving a gift can be enough to make the receiver happy, wouldn’t you prefer it if they loved what you gave? Here are 4 tips from ARY D’PO on how to pick the perfect piece for your special someone.

Gifting Jewelry

Know The Receiver’s Style

Not all necklaces are created equal, and not everyone loves every type of necklace. For everyone who loves statement pieces, such as the Heart of the Ocean that Kate Winslet wore in Titanic, there’s someone else who would be much happier with a simple string of pearls. The first step in buying the perfect gift necklace is being aware of the receiver’s style.

Be Sure The Receiver Wears Necklaces

If the person you’re shopping for doesn’t wear necklaces, you may want to think twice about buying them one. If they do own a few, take a look at them. What do they have in common? Are they loud, in-your-face statement pieces? If so, shop for that style of necklace. Conversely, if their jewelry collection consists of more reserved pieces, then go that route. If they have a little bit of everything, you’re in luck!

Similar – but Not Too Similar

Apart from giving someone a gift they don’t really like, the next worst-case scenario is giving them something they already have. When buying a necklace for someone, take their taste and current collection into account, but try to get them something that’s a little different. Think about what they like to wear, and if there’s an outfit they don’t have a matching necklace for.

Make it Special, Make it Unique

At ARY D’PO, we believe life imitates art, and art imitates nature. Each of our jewelry designs is crafted by an experienced designer and artist with the intent that the pieces have meaning. They are to be worn with warmth. If you’re looking for something powerful and flexible, whether for that special someone, a friend, or a relative, take a look and see what ARY D’PO has to offer.