What Sources Do Artists Use To Create?

Do Artists Create Through Their Senses or Do They Use Something Else

To be an artist is to be a hunter, always in pursuit of fresh passion and inspiration. These concepts always seem to appear in the places where they’re least expected. They hide under rocks and lurk under boulders waiting for the opportunity to strike.

Creativity is elusive. The artist, the hunter, must utilize all of his senses in order to find it. It’s a marvel how artists capture their prey and transform it into beautiful art for the world to see. How do they do it?

Do artists create through their senses or do they use something else for inspiration?

It’s most commonly assumed that visual artists, like designers, use their eyes. Some artists utilize their fingers, ears, and even feet to find inspiration. Even beyond the physical, there must be something deeper.

For many artists, the goal of their work is to touch souls and embrace spirits. Therefore, artists must look into the very thing their creations touch – the spirit.

What sources of inspiration do they use to look into the soul?


Music is an incredibly evocative art form which can induce many moods and ideas. When an artist finds a piece that reflects the world they wish to exhibit in their art, music can help to gain an understanding of the atmosphere. Music can help artists gain a solid perspective of the story they wish to convey.

Silence and meditation

In contrast, many artists use silence to get artistic inspiration for their work. The artist may sit in silence, in an empty room or peaceful setting, and begin to meditate. As the mind clears, the lack of distraction allows the mind to open fully. Important messages come to the forefront of the brain, and the artist can inject these into their visual work.


Art and literature are creative forms which are closely related. In the words of Leonardo da Vinci: “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” Therefore, many artists throughout history have turned to the works of famous writers as inspiration for their visual art.


The natural world could be said to be the greatest artistic creation of all time. Nature has been a great source of inspiration for creatives since the dawn of time. Every tiny detail on our earth can be celebrated and appreciated. The depth of beauty, the variety of flora and fauna, and the fluidity of nature are very inspiring to many artists. When outside, feeling nature’s embrace, many people find themselves struck with a powerful bolt of creativity.

Grief and pain

It is a Buddhist idea that one of the only sure things in life is loss. You can reframe loss, and stop fighting it, and begin accepting it as a familiar constant. One way to re-interpret grief and pain in a positive way is to harness it as a building block for art. Many artists create incredible work as a response to loss or painful experiences they have seen or lived through. Art allows a cathartic channel to work through these events, and create artworks that are deeply impactful on those who view them.


Finding inspiration is not an easy task. The chase can be tiring and painful, but artists must push through to reach their success. Yes, it can be said that artists create through pain. The only thing that pushes an artist through the pain is love. Love is the fuel for the hunt, the reason for creation, and a tool for motivation.

Art and inspiration in ARY D’PO jewelryDo Artists Create Through Their Senses or Do They Use Something Else?

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