The Sky Is The Limit

Sky Is The Limit

The sky is the limit.

We can think of life as a blank piece of paper. As you experience things, the paper is written on. The sheet folds into beautiful shapes as you develop your lifestyle. This blank piece of paper is as limitless as the sky: it can become anything.

It can become the first page in a bestselling novel, the lucky 1000th origami crane, or a designer’s first doodle of an idea. What this means is that our lives have the endless potential to help us become everything we put our minds to. We can do anything we set our minds to.

Like the sky, humans are constantly learning and changing. We never have the same day twice. Hence, we believe that we must live each day better than the last, and create good work.

We must improve ourselves, because otherwise our natural limitless potential disappears and our piece of paper crumples. Once we reach a goal, we must appreciate our achievements. A key part of improving is acknowledging the improvement itself.

How to reach for the sky every day

Most of us want to continue to grow and transform for the better. We want to take our potential and, like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, emerge more developed all the time. There are many actions you can do to push yourself to your highest limits.

Self love and acceptance is the best thing you can do for your spirit and soul. Each day, recite some positive affirmations. Tell yourself you have the potential to be anything you want to be. Never be afraid to compliment yourself, and acknowledge your strengths. In your inner self talk, aim for kind and constructive criticism.

Consciously surround yourself with positive energy. Let go of anger and practice forgiveness for those around you. Gracefully accept loss, change, and things that are out of your control. Focus your energy on being kind and helpful to yourself and others. Embrace your inner creativity and practice your favorite art form and work on your best skills.

Growing and becoming a better person cannot happen overnight. But of course, it’s the process of developing, and the urge to thrive and grow that truly defines a person. Improving and striving to reach our full potential is an honorable and important mountain to climb.

Reaching for the sky with ARY D’PO designer jewelry

Oval Hoops EarringsHere at ARY D’PO we know that our wellbeing relies on constant growth and self-improvement. With this knowledge, dreams can come true. This philosophy underpins the creation of all our beautiful ARY D’PO jewelry.

While developing an idea for a piece of quality jewelry, our artist and designer doodles simple art and ideas on scraps of paper. He transforms these drawings from just a two dimensional image to an incredible piece of jewelry. When it comes down to it, all we really need to succeed is potential, and the drive to realize it. Like a beautifully formed piece of jewelry, you too can become a sparkling jewel.