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It can be said that every human being is born with a spark inside of them. This inner fire ignites their passion and their temperament. That flicker determines how we live and who we are. Some people call this spark the soul. Although that flame determines our values and what’s important to us, it is too rational to choose who or what we love. That seems to be something we have left up to the heart.

Heart and Soul

Caylee Cowan, American film actress from Los Angeles, California. Starring in the feature film Sunrise in Heaven (2019) and producing a documentary on refugees entitled The Peace Between (2019) for her 21st birthday.
Caylee Cowan wearing Twisted Orbs Leverback Earrings by ARY D’PO

Love is a mystery. Many call love a natural phenomenon, and humans have certainly never managed to understand it. It can do miracles, and make everything in life suddenly make sense and fall into place. No one can ever know when love will strike the heart, radiating throughout the rest of the body and inducing that mysterious bliss into their life. The right kind of pure love has the power to bring everything into focus and turn what we thought was impossible to possible.

Love from the heart and the soul

It’s no mystery that the heart and the spark, the soul, go together, creating our beings and our essences.

The human soul gives meaning to things. It helps us make sense of the world as we journey through life. The soul brings light to the darkness, and provides reason and logic for everything we do. It is the bright future we attempt to reach and the rich past which we learn from.

And what about the heart? The heart provides love and the possibility for something bigger than all of us, something that the entire universe runs on. The beating of the heart marches us towards our wildest and most ambitious cravings. It urges us towards our passions, our art, and the people we love truly, madly, and deeply.

The heart and the soul work in perfect harmony to move us towards what we really want in life.

Twisted heart in ARY D’PO jewelry

Twisted Hearts & Orbs ARY D'PO .925 sterling silver collection in 18K yellow gold and rhodium plated

Here at ARY D’PO, we see the heart and soul as being as inseparable as the sun and the moon. The heart and soul drive the most primal core aspects of what it means to be human. They revolve around each other in an eternal blaze, never fully parting, and never leaving the other behind.

That beautiful pairing is why we have created the Twisted Heart and Orb within the Twisted Collection. These sophisticated and romantic pieces include stunning gold or rhodium plated jewelry. Each design depicts a love heart, to represent the heart. This is then paired with a small orb – the soul. Each orb is decorated with a tiny piece of stunning cubic zirconia.

The heart and orb are twisted, and in each piece situated differently to each other. Our high quality jewelry collection represents the mysterious but fateful relationship between the heart and soul.

We’re eager to represent the power of the heart and soul within our art and our jewelry. May the internal fire within you never fade and continue to eternity and past oblivion.