Ginkgo – Nature’s Wonder & Inspiration for ARY D’PO

Ginkgo leaf after rain gold pendant necklace designer jewelry by ARY D'PO presented next to the ginkgo tree green leaves with water droplets after rain

Ginkgo (aka Gingko or Ginkgo Biloba or Maidenhair Tree) is one of the oldest trees in the world, having been around for millions of years. While the Ginkgo tree is native to Asia, it has been cultivated and grown in Europe and the United States since the 18th Century. If grown naturally, it’s a large tree; however, if grown for décor, it can also be kept artificially small. Ginkgo leaves have a beautiful distinctive shape with veins spreading out into the leaf blade like a lavish hand fan.

yellow ginkgo leafThis tree is famous not only due to its genetic age, but also because of its ability to consistently survive… even an atomic bomb explosion. According to various research materials, the Ginkgo gene is mostly unaffected by mutation through radiation, which makes it unique and extraordinary.

For thousands of years the Ginkgo has been used as food and as medicine. Nowadays, there are many types of dietary supplements with Ginkgo extract. Its contribution to health and longevity is well-recognized. The Ginkgo is known for improving blood circulation, which helps the brain and body to function better. An ingredient found in its seeds seems to be able to effectively fight with bacteria causing infections in the body. However, as any supplement or medicine, it should be treated with caution (and should be approved by your doctor), as it may also have side effects.

The Ginkgo’s amazing features and its natural gorgeous appearance inspired our designer to create our Ginkgo Leaf After Rain and Ginkgo Leaf Shiny Nights jewelry collections to celebrate beauty and deliver positive energy to our customers …To a long and healthy life!