Reaching Towards Fire…

Vincent van Gogh "The Starry Night" painting

The famous artist Vincent Van Gogh once said that if he ever “felt no love for nature and [his] work, then [he] would be unhappy.” This strong attachment to the natural world has been a major influence not just in his art, but other aspects of artistic statement throughout the world.

Both before and since Van Gogh’s impact on the art world, nature has played a key role in building strong emotional and aesthetic ties to image. When it comes to the big role that art and the humanitarian sciences play in creating this tie, all four major elements have their parts in each creator’s and viewer’s interpretations of a work of art. These parts are all entirely different, but equal.

There are four fundamental elements of our planet: water, fire, wind, and earth. Each of these come together to form a lovely reflection of nature and the world around us.

Nature & Art:

How the four elements impact art

Each of the four fundamental elements is a unique part of nature. Each element mirrors a core aspect of our psyche. When we become inspired by each of these elements as we create art, we capture a tiny part of the individuality within our collective human experience.

In the eyes of the ARY D’PO jewelry designers, water is a symbol of calm idyllic purity. It flows from breaks in mountains, creating streams, eroding the Earth, and maintaining life. The mixture of hydrogen and oxygen makes up fifty percent or more of our human bodies. Throughout history and literature, it has been used as a symbol of vitality. In art, it reflects our attraction towards its flexible strength.

Fire, however, is the opposite of water. In its infernal blaze we see an intense and unpredictable desire for destruction in the eyes of creation. Fire embraces and engulfs all in its path. Human nature always seems to be reaching towards fire. We feel an urge to reach towards this alluring minor sun, as if it’s a star we can possess.

Meanwhile the wind, blowing from one end of the world to the other, shows us how strength does not always signify stability. The wind allows for concepts of wild freedoms that can come with this power and lack of steadiness.

And then the earth, the last of the four, remains steadfast. The earth fuels life with its abundant treasure trove of resources and sustenance. It provides us with its constant and ever-permanent ancient wisdom. Earth acts as the foundation for all others, grounding and affirming with its maternal reassurance that everything will, one day, turn out okay. The earth is a comforting element in trying times.

The four elements in ARY D’PO designer jewelryARYDPO Four Leaf Clover jewelry Collection Quartefoil

ARY D’PO sees these natural elements as gifts from a higher power. Each needs to be gently, respectfully used and understood. We must utilize the lessons and traits that water, fire, wind and earth give us to create our jewelry collections.

In our designer jewelry, we stoke the fire of ambition for us to keep creating. We use the energy of each of the world’s amazing elements to keep developing more art and fresh pieces of quality jewelry.

We do this in hopes of using our minor sun of aspiration to keep reaching for newer, and brighter, stars.