Gold Plating and Rhodium Plating for Jewelry

Twisted Collection Twisted Heart and Orb Earrings 18K Gold Over Sterling Silver

Among other precious metals used for jewelry plating, gold and rhodium are commonly utilized to protect the jewelry from scratches, and to provide a beautiful look along with durability. As most of precious metals, gold and rhodium are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, that is also why it’s a good idea to have a brass or stainless steel jewelry plated with gold or rhodium. For sterling silver jewelry – gold plating and rhodium plating provide a surface to shield the jewelry from tarnishing, and for brass jewelry – precious metal plating protects the jewelry against oxidizing. The precious metal plating may wear over time, but following the product care advised for the jewelry will prolong its life and original look.

All ARY D’PO jewelry pieces are plated with gold and rhodium to ensure the quality. We use two types of gold plating: 14k gold and 18k gold, and three types of rhodium plating: white, black, and jet black rhodium.