How Do You Best Match Your Jewelry to the Occasion?

How Do You Best Match Your Jewelry to the Occasion?

When it comes to choosing the right jewelry, the occasion absolutely matters. You don’t see Charlize Theron at Starbucks wearing the same Bulgari necklace she wore to the Oscars. Jewelry needs to fit the occasion. When it doesn’t, you run the risk of looking gaudy, or on the other side of the coin, as if you just don’t care.

What Should You Wear to the Office?

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Office attire is typically pretty simple, and your jewelry should follow suit. Pendant-style necklaces, stud earrings, and if you must, an understated bracelet should be more than enough for your 9 to 5.

What About Going to a Party?

Parties are places that you can open up a bit and be yourself, and therefore are the perfect opportunity to wear statement or drop earrings. They’ll accentuate the length of your neck and can be paired with either a matching necklace or bracelet.

Formal Occasions

When you’re heading out to a formal event, whether it’s a dinner date or for a celebration, you’ll want to select something tasteful and elegant. Statement pieces can work, provided that you limit them to one, and complement them with a couple understated pieces. Stick with one type of metal and gemstone (if applicable), and make sure it matches your skin tone and the color of your outfit. However, if your attire is colorful or has a pattern, you may want to skip the statement piece altogether and go with a few low-key choices instead.

ARY D’PO Jewelry

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Whether you’re in need of a statement piece to wear to a party or something more muted and professional, ARY

D’PO has you covered. Our pieces are inspired by life, nature, the world around us, and the stories people tell. Each piece has its own story to convey, and has been imbued with the power and positive energy of the symbols they capture.

Wearing the right piece of jewelry to the right occasion is as crucial as wearing the right outfit. Whether you need to make a bold statement at a party or something to fly under the radar and enhance your look, ARY D’PO Jewelry has the quality, affordable pieces you’ll be proud to wear.