Science and ARY D’PO Designer Jewelry

Science and ARY D’PO Designer Jewelry

Science, Love, and Jewelry

When we think of the artistic process, we often imagine artists tapping into their creative souls and somehow producing masterful work from the deepest pits of their minds. We don’t tend to equate art with white coats, labs and the clinical coldness that science brings to mind.

However, science and art are deeply linked. Creativity is a driving force behind many scientific discoveries. In turn, science plays a key role in inventing methods for new ways to make art.

Science is used to not only help us discover the secrets of the world around us, but to help us create within it. Through the use of metal, wood, paints, and new forms of media, we are constantly blessed with new, stunning ways to show our inner selves to the world.

However, scientific accuracy does not take away from how sincere the love an artist pours into his or her work is. In contrast, the love that gets put into these creations becomes embedded in them.

Modern substances and methods allow artists the chance to whole-heartedly preserve their love as parts of life to be seen or worn. Through science, energy can be imbued into art.

How science has impacted art

We have science to thank for almost every artistic option available to us today. Things such as paint, glue, sculpting materials and canvas have all been greatly improved by scientific methods.

The life and career of Leonardo da Vinci is a case in point example of the link between science and art. Da Vinci thought that interpretation of nature and the world should be the aim of both art and science. He brought this philosophy into all his work.

By using artistic and creative thinking, he made incredible scientific discoveries that are still used today. These were in physics, math, anatomy, botany, and many other areas.

A deep creative, his discoveries also bled into art. Through experiments, he learned many techniques for storing oil paintings. These methods are to thank for many ancient oil paintings being in museums now.

He also acknowledged the importance of accuracy and math in beauty. He denied that beauty was a mysterious thing, and instead created the Golden Ratio: a mathematical formula to determine perfect beauty.

If art and science are both important ways to interpret the world, blending them is clearly a great way to optimize innovation in both fields. As people become more aware of this fact, efforts have been made to push them together.

For instance, a event  called Visualizing Biological Data – VIZBI, is held in Europe each year. Scientists, artists and designers come from all around the world. For four days, they collaborate to discuss their work. Many incredible results have come from this event, in both disciplines.

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ARY D’PO jewelry: a genuine blend of art, science, and love

Enamel work, creating alloys, and rhodium and gold plated jewelry are some of the many science-based methods for jewelry. These methods have given us the chance to truly lock love, thoughts and ideas into our designer jewelry. A large range of ways to make jewelry allows for a large range of artistic moments.

As far as forms of art go, jewelry is one of the art forms that is most attached to love. As a result, it is infused with powerful energy. When you wear jewelry, you not only feel the energy within it, but you also add your own energy to the piece. ARY D’PO sends love through all of the jewelry that we create. In turn, we spread positive energy around the world.