How Does Your Jewelry Make You Feel?

How Does Your Jewelry Make You Feel?

When a woman puts together her outfit, she is also putting together her mood.

Sometimes when we choose jewelry, we can get lost in what we feel like we should be wearing, rather than focusing on what we really want to wear.

Celebrity style, designer status, or jewelry trends aren’t always the things that matter most. The main thing to consider when you select jewelry is how it makes you feel.

Your jewelry should be a natural extension of your personality. It should represent who you are. Wearing your favorite pieces should make you feel confident, comfortable, and like your true self.

How To Choose Jewelry

There are many things to contemplate when choosing jewelry. You should think about how your style and outfits show off your personality to those around you. Also consider your physical features and skin tone. When you wear jewelry in flattering tones that compliment your colors, you enhance your natural beauty.

Your style is a great way to let your personality shine. You may think what you wear doesn’t matter much, but each handbag, skirt, necklace or bracelet you own plays a role in not only how others see you, but how you see yourself.

The outfit you wear always affects how you feel. Sure, it might be tempting to reach for your comfortable jeans

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and t-shirt day after day. However, this can make you feel tired, flat, and fade into the background. When you wear a well-coordinated and flattering outfit, you will feel strong, empowered, and ooze confidence.

Make sure your wardrobe is filled with clothes and jewelry that you feel proud of. Put together outfits that make you look and feel like the best version of yourself. You should make sure to always:

• Wear quality materials such as cashmere, silk, and gold or silver for jewelry. Well-made, designer jewelry and clothes will last longer and make you look great.

• Have artistic statement pieces that represent your style. Having a signature piece of jewelry is a great way to present your mood and style through your look. It could be something such as a heart lariat necklace that you know makes you shine, or perhaps diamond stud earrings you wear each day.

• Get rid of clothes and jewelry that have bad memories associated with them. If you have a top you like, but it always reminds you of a break-up you had when you were wearing it, the top must go. Items that remind you of bad times will only bring you down.

• Be bold with colors and styles. Think about what colors you like best, what patterns represent your personality, and what lines and cuts flatter you. Don’t be afraid to let your assets shine.

• Consider the time of year. Go ahead and select joyful, vibrant, statement pieces for special occasions and celebrations. Jewelry is a great way to reflect your festive mood.

• Use jewelry as a way to draw attention to the features you feel most proud of. For instance, if you think you have pretty hands, you can accentuate them with rings and bracelets.

• Dress how you want others to think of you. Your outfit presents your personality to the world. Do you want to look cheerful and friendly, or dainty and sweet, or sophisticated and elegant? Your outfit always expresses your identity, personality and mood.

How Jewelry Should Make You Feel

When you wear pieces that highlight your favorite parts of your body, it helps you feel confident and happy. Knowing you are wearing a piece of jewelry that flatters and fits you just right can be very empowering.

Or, if it’s an occasion, others will like seeing you with colorful and festive pieces and a smile on your face. Your jewelry can be a great way to bring cheer to yourself and others during times of celebration.

Matching Jewelry To Your Outfit…Or Matching Outfit To Your Jewelry?

Some women can get caught up in buying pieces that will perfectly complement their wardrobe. Of course, jewelry is a wonderful way to embellish your look.

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However, you shouldn’t hesitate to craft outfits that accentuate your jewelry. If you have a piece that is special to you and makes you smile, feel free to let it shine and be the feature that day.

It’s a beautiful look to wear an outfit built around a statement necklace, or other piece that you really love, because your mood and the energy you give off will be heightened by how happy the piece makes you feel.