Moments And Milestones When A Jewelry Gift Is A Good Idea

Moments And Milestones When A Jewelry Gift Is A Good Idea

Throughout her lifetime, a woman is likely to celebrate many birthdays, holidays, and other special moments, such as a promotion or becoming a mother. Life is full of exciting moments and milestones. When she means a lot to you, you should make the effort to acknowledge the events that make her feel great. A great way to show her that you care is to symbolize your adoration. And there’s no denying that a jewelry gift is one of the most timeless and classic ways to do this!

When giving a jewelry gift to a sister, partner, mother or other special lady in your life, make sure it comes with a message of love. Tell her (or write in a card) how much she means to you, and how glad you are to be able to celebrate this exciting time with her.

Although there are many great times to give jewelry as a gift, in this article we’ve summarized the most important events she’ll want to celebrate. Whether it’s with a carefully selected necklace, a designer bracelet or elegant new earrings, she’ll love that you spent the time to pick out something to make her feel special during this time.

A jewelry gift is perfect for celebrating the annual dates that are important to her

Valentine’s DayTwisted Heart & Orb Necklace 18K Gold over Sterling Silver

When you’re in a romantic relationship, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that can’t be overlooked. If you’ve only been dating a few months, you likely want to go for a gift that isn’t too flashy. Flowers, chocolate or wine are all great ideas. And if you opt for jewelry, a piece of trendy costume jewelry that doesn’t break the bank is likely a good move. Check out some hip stores in town for a trendy pendant, chain necklace or dainty stud earrings.

But, if you’ve been dating more than a year, or have a very committed relationship, you might feel that it’s right to treat her with a more expensive piece. You have many options, and it depends on her personal taste, but a heart shaped pendant, ring or earrings are often a sweet idea for Valentine’s Day. Make sure to buy her high quality jewelry in gold or silver that will stand the test of time.

Her birthday

Picking a thoughtful gift is definitely essential for the birthday of a woman you care about, particularly when you’re in a romantic relationship. Birthstone jewelry can be a nice idea, and gemstone pendants are particularly trendy this season. By finding out her birthstone, you’re going the extra mile and picking something very personal to her.

If you don’t think a birthstone jewelry is quite right for her taste, you could opt for a piece which represents her zodiac sign or birth month’s flower. It doesn’t even have to symbolize her birth month, either. You could choose a piece of jewelry which just suits her personality and taste. A simplistic bangle bracelet, a tasteful ring, or cute necklace should go down well.

The holiday season

No matter if you and your partner celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, the holiday season is a great time to give a jewelry gift. This time of year is all about generosity and celebrating the people who mean the most to you. There’s no better way to do that then with a piece of gorgeous jewelry.

If you’re in a serious relationship, elegant gold or silver earrings adorned with precious gemstones are an excellent choice. If you haven’t been together so long, you could get her something cute and seasonally themed (however loosely). For instance, tiny wreath shaped earrings or a snowflake pendant are fun yet thoughtful choices for the holidays.

Use jewelry to mark an important relationship milestone

Celebrate your anniversary with beautiful jewelry

An anniversary is a special relationship milestone that comes each year. The gift you give to celebrate your anniversary will depend on whether or not you’re married. If you’re unmarried but in a committed relationship, this is a good time to celebrate your love with a high quality jewelry gift that will last. Perhaps an elegant gold chain, a designer bracelet or special drop earrings.

Inspiration for an anniversary gift becomes easier when you’re married. There is a list of traditional materials to work into each gift for each year after the wedding. Only some of them are likely to lend themselves to jewelry. The first year, paper, is likely more suited to gorgeous stationery. But the 14th year is dedicated to gold jewelry and the 19th year is jade – these anniversaries are perfect for giving her a stunning pendant to mark your commitment and love.

A ring is crucial for a proposal

Of course, there are important times in a relationship that aren’t annual, but only come along once. As a result, these moments (such as a proposal) are definitely extra special. For a proposal, a diamond ring is the traditional choice. Think carefully about the shape and metal of the piece. What ring would speak to her the most?

Remember that some women might want something different to the diamond engagement ring. If you choose to buy her something non-conventional, make sure it’s just as carefully picked out and as nice as a diamond ring.

Perhaps a handmade ring made from gold and precious rubies would be right for her. Maybe a local boutique could make a custom ring in her favorite metal, engraved with your anniversary date. But whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will absolutely blow her away.

A new baby is a moment to celebrateShiny Star Necklace 18K Rose Gold Over Sterling Silver

Sometimes known as a “push present”, it’s becoming increasingly popular to get a piece of jewelry for your pregnant partner. Particularly if this is her first baby, having a baby is a huge life event. A woman becoming the mother of your children is not an event to overlook.

When considering a jewelry gift to celebrate a new baby, keep in mind that she will be wearing it around a new baby. And babies love grabbing onto things! Many women have to give up wearing long and dangling earrings when they have a new baby, as having a baby pull on them can be very painful. Stud earrings are often a good choice when giving jewelry to a new mom.

If you’re having a baby girl, it’s often nice to buy something that could be passed down to her one day. For instance, you could go for jewelry with a gemstone which represents the birthstone of the baby.

Other significant milestones

A graduation or career milestone is a big accomplishment

Of course, there are moments that will arise that aren’t related to your relationship. For these events, you might not even be picking out jewelry for a romantic partner. Perhaps you want to buy a beautiful graduation gift for another woman, such as a sister. High school and college graduations, a new job, or a promotion at work are all great times to celebrate with jewelry. This is something the woman has worked hard for and earned, so you should make sure she knows you’re proud of her accomplishments.

At the celebratory event, you could give her a gift of jewelry. Choose something high quality that will last, so every time she wears it she can remember how hard she worked. If she just got a new job or promotion, it’s best to choose jewelry that will be work appropriate for her. That way, she can wear it on her first day and it will help her remember she always has your support.

Celebrate a commitment of faith with a jewelry gift

If you have a friend or family member who recently made a commitment to their religion, you may wish to celebrate with some jewelry. This will make the most sense if you’re a member of the same religion. This is a deeply meaningful event for them, so high quality jewelry can be a good way to indicate that you understand and respect how important this is to her.

Often young girls of the Christian faith do a confirmation ceremony or similar event. If you have a daughter, niece or sister who just did her confirmation, she would likely love to receive a special piece of jewelry to remember the day. Of course, it’s most fitting to go for a crucifix necklace or another piece that symbolizes her religion.

Important things to remember when giving jewelry as a gift

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Jewelry is an amazing gift, especially when it’s for a romantic partner. It’s very sentimental, and every time she wears it she will remember you and the special event at which you gave it to her. This long lasting gift often feels uplifting and touching to receive.

When you buy jewelry as a gift, make sure you’re not expecting anything in return. The piece needs to come with positive energy, so certainly don’t buy jewelry for any self-serving reasons, such as to apologize for an argument. It should stand alone and be nothing more than a symbol of your love and appreciation.

When shopping, make sure that you don’t prioritize the financial value of the piece over the sentimental. Any woman who loves gemstones and their meaning will appreciate, say, onyx earrings over diamond – even though they’re worth less.

Remember that everyone has a specific taste in jewelry. When you buy jewelry, be sure that you’re accounting for her style – not your own. If you carefully choose a piece that matches her taste and values, she’ll definitely be pleased. If chosen right, jewelry can be one of the most meaningful gifts there are.