Tips on How to Preserve Your Jewelry

Tips on How to Preserve Your Jewelry This Summer

Everyone wants jewelry that will last for years, not a couple of weeks. Dull necklaces and rusted earrings are preventable. Many factors impact whether or not your new jewelry purchase will be long-lasting. When jewelry is taken care of, it may last you for a lifetime. Here are some helpful tips on how to preserve your jewelry.

If you love water activities: it’s important to keep jewelry in mind whether you’re going to the beach, waterpark, kayaking, paddle-boarding, etc. Unfortunately, jewelry does not mix well with saltwater and chlorine. Chlorine may cause jewelry to deteriorate and lose its value. Similar to chlorine, saltwater is corrosive, and it may also cause damages to jewelry such as color loss which will also decrease the value.

Tanning with your jewelry is never a good idea.

First, hot temperatures may cause the metal to overheat, which will ultimately burn the skin. Not only does tanning in jewelry cause you to get white spots, but it may also cause your jewelry to lose its authentic color.

Avoid Lotions and Sweat

Staying hydrated and moisturized is important. Before beach or waterpark trips, sunscreen is essential to prevent sunburns or other damages to the skin. Although sunscreen is good for the skin, it’s not for necklaces or bracelets. Lotions, soaps, and creams tend to stick to jewelry. Over time, this will cloud the appearance of your item and make the color dull.

Hot weather includes humidity, heat, and sweat. Sweat may cause your jewelry to lose color, get dirty, and quickly corrode. If some of your plans include spending long hours under the sun, the best suggestion is to avoid wearing jewelry these days.



Every metal is different. Most jewelry items are cleaned with warm water, soft cloth, baking soda, or dish soap. Cleaning your jewelry every two weeks will minimize corrosion and preserve the color.

Protecting your jewelry in the proper storage spot is also critical. Make sure that your jewelry is always stored in a dry spot to avoid any liquids. Except for pearls, your jewelry should be stored in individual plastic bags, faced away from the sun.

Following these rules may prevent chipping, maintain the color, and preserve the gems.


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