Top 10 Traits Of A Confident Woman

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Confidence can take a long time to develop, but it’s totally worth working on it. Being confident is a great asset in many contexts. In your job interviews, at work, when meeting new people, on the sport’s field, when public speaking, and at many other times, being self-assured can do you serious favors. While a lot of confidence is mental, it’s often easy for women to get a quick boost from their outfit, hair, jewelry, or makeup. In this article, we have 10 traits of a confident woman that you may want to try yourself. Some are mental, and others are about how you express yourself.

It is important to note that all confident women do things differently to each other. There’s no simple one size fits all answer. One woman might swear that her natural poise comes from within, and others might feel like they couldn’t stay cool-headed without their signature power outfit. It’s best to try what works for you, and see what traits help you keep your head in the game.

10 traits of a confident woman

1.   She knows the benefit of dressing for success

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Renowned costume designer and Academy Award winner Edith Head once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” There’s no denying that there’s some truth in that statement. In fact, a 2015 study from the journal Social Psychological and Personal Science found that people wearing formal attire felt more powerful and were able to think more creatively than their casually dressed peers.

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is famous for dressing very casually. However, he understands why it’s important to dress well. During 2009, an important year for Facebook after the 2008 financial crash, he pledged to wear a tie every day for the whole year. He said “My tie was the symbol of how serious and important a year this was, and I wore it every day to show this.”

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t exactly a female fashion icon. But, he is very successful, and he definitely knows what he’s talking about. Many successful women instead opt for a power outfit. Maybe the look involves killer heels, perfectly tailored pants, and a silk blouse. Maybe it’s a Hillary Clinton-style power suit.

And of course, no power look is complete without jewelry. A bracelet given to you by a loved one, or your pearl earrings could be the final detail to your look. No matter what outfit and jewelry you choose, having a strong outfit is one of the most sworn-by traits of a confident woman.

2.   She makes her own fashion rules

When we’re putting together a power outfit, it can be tempting to lean on tradition. A typical look might include corporate styles, like pencil skirts and high heels. But why rely on the classics? It’s 2021 – it’s time to be bold and unique.

A truly confident woman knows that she makes her own fashion rules that suit her. If you know that tired and achy feet are going to knock your confidence, ditch the heels. A confident woman knows she’ll come across better in a business meeting wearing comfortable flats than struggling with painful pumps.

3.   She knows how to use her jewelry and makeup to her advantage

Any confident woman is likely to have detailed knowledge of her face, colorings, and body shape. Through this knowledge, she’s more equipped to choose jewelry and makeup that suits her and makes her look her best.

Gold earrings that perfectly light up her complexion are a perfect detail for a warm-toned and confident woman. Having a high level of self awareness for your personal look is a great way to make sure you’re always looking (and therefore feeling) your best.

4.   She isn’t afraid to be bold


If you’re a fan of bold statement looks, you should go for it! A confident woman is never afraid to wear what she wants. Celebrity women with big personalities, such as Sofia Vergara and Cardi B, would never question if they should wear their favorite artistic statement jewelry.

Their lack of hesitation stems from having confidence to have all eyes on them. So, if you’re wanting to wear huge hoop earrings or an intensely colored dress, just do it. A confident woman will always wear whatever she wants, and if people stare, she’ll just smile right back at them.

5.   She rocks her own personal style

Although a confident woman will wear bold jewelry and outfits if she wants to, she knows that she doesn’t have to. Being a truly confident woman is also all about putting aside the time to find what suits you and owning it.

It’s recommended that you come up with a strong, signature style. This means that in the morning, before an intense business meeting or day of rushing around, you know exactly what to put on that’s going to make you feel great.

Once you’ve found that perfect style, go ahead and repeat the outfits that make you feel good. Maybe your daily wear power outfit is a simple wrap dress and silver hoop earrings. You might have a gym outfit that always helps you really push yourself. If it works for you and makes you feel awesome, make it your signature and never be afraid to wear it twice.

6.   She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks

A confident woman may have some fears and anxieties, but what other people think is not one of them. She doesn’t care if people talk about her, or have a strong opinion about her.

Many people get so caught up and worried about what other people think. If you’re one of those people, remember that even though it’s totally understandable, this mindset is holding you back.

Try to accept that people will always have opinions of you, and that’s a fact you can’t change. The only thing that should matter is how you feel about yourself. Be true to yourself, don’t overthink things, and remember that not everyone’s going to like you – and that’s okay!

7.   She has confident body language

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Let’s think about one of the most famously confident women: Wonder Woman. Sure, she’s fictional, but this superhero exhibits many of the key traits of a confident woman. Wonder Woman always stands tall, with her posture straight and shoulders back. Holding your head high can make a massive difference to your confidence.

There’s actually a lot of scientific evidence behind the benefits of the power pose. There are many different poses to try, each expanding your body to take up lots of space. A power pose activates what scientists call “the behavioural approach system”. This increases feelings of strength and quiets feelings of fear. It’s all about faking it till you make it – there’s simply no downside to trying power poses to boost your confidence.

8.   She takes care of herself

Even if she has many other people who rely on her, she knows the first person she needs to take care of is herself. If she can’t take care of herself, then she can’t take care of anyone else either.

To invest in her self care and wellness, she does activities to support all areas of her health – mental, physical, and emotional. Some women may find that a face mask and long bath helps them to recharge. Others might prefer going out dancing with friends. The exact activities may vary, but she will always make sure to eat plenty of healthy foods and get enough sleep.

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Self-care is the backbone to success. A confident woman won’t work herself into the ground. She puts herself first and is open about her boundaries and needs. If you start investing in your self-care, you’re bound to feel a range of benefits.

9.   She builds up other women

Traditionally, women are taught to be competitive with each other. However, this strategy doesn’t work, and only breeds negativity and contempt. Nicki Minaj, a celebrity who is known for her confidence, once said, “True confidence leaves no room for jealousy. When you know you are great, you have no need to hate.”

It’s not just about good vibes, either. Research published in the Harvard Business Review found that women with a mostly female inner circle are more likely to land executive positions with more responsibility and higher pay. A truly confident woman prioritizes her relationships and believes in the collective power of women.

10.   She always keeps a positive mindset

There’s no denying that life comes with challenges and setbacks. However, a truly confident woman knows that these setbacks don’t define her. Any confident woman knows that life isn’t going to be easy 100% of the time. However, she also knows that, while you often can’t control situations, you can control how you react to them.

Get used to waking up every day and practicing the traits of a confident woman (such as putting on your favorite power outfit and jewelry). Every new day is a fresh start, and a new opportunity to reach your goals.