12 Amazing Symbolic Jewelry Designs

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If you’re looking for a way to show off your personality to the world, look no further than symbolic jewelry.

Precious and meaningful symbolic jewelry has many different purposes. The way others see you is influenced by what you wear and the accessories you pair with your outfits.

A heart shaped necklace may show your love of your romantic partner and remind you of them every day. A crucifix pendant could be how you like to keep God by your side as you go through life. Earrings representing your star sign express your personal spirituality and beliefs.

No matter what your values are, jewelry can be a great way to keep the important things close to your heart – literally. Here are some popular ideas for expressing who you are through your beautiful pieces of jewelry.

  1. Heart

Heart necklace as symbolic jewelry is presented by a young woman wearing red cloth holding in her hand the 18K Gold plated sterling silver Twisted Heart & Orb lariat necklace by ARY D'PO as a symbol of love.

The love heart as we know it has existed as a symbol of deep affection since the 14th century. Now, it’s one of the world’s most popular non-religious symbols. Love hearts first appeared in a romantic context on Valentines Day cards in 1910. Ever since, they have been a classic and traditional way to express love.

As jewelry is often given as a romantic gift, a heart is a great feature to add meaning to this loving gesture. Heart shaped jewelry often comes in the form of pendants and charms, but is also a cute and unique shape for earrings or a ring’s gemstone. Stylish celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have been seen wearing their heart shaped engagement rings. This is a unique and gorgeous design for romantic jewelry.

  1. Arrow

Many societies feature arrows in jewelry designs. They are often show connection with Native American culture. They are a versatile symbol in jewelry, because what they mean depends on the direction that the arrow points in.

A downward pointing arrow makes a lovely pendant for a necklace. The “arms down” direction symbolizes peace and serenity. In contrast, a straight arrow shows concentration, goal-setting and hard work. It shows how the wearer focuses and, like an arrow, drives straight towards their goals.

However, a bent or looped arrow acknowledges that there are obstacles that get in the way of any journey. It reminds the wearer that despite the hardships they may face, they will still reach their goals.

A bow and arrow denotes potentiality and looking forward to the future. It symbolizes the power to reach your dreams. Finally, an arrow shot through a love heart is a classic symbol of love. It symbolizes being struck down by Cupid’s arrow, and being smitten.

  1. Infinity

The infinity symbol looks like a sideways figure-eight. It was introduced by the mathematician John Wallis in 1655 to mean a value is infinite. Today, this symbol has much greater significance than just the mathematical. It shows love, balance, commitment, or cosmic power.

Infinity symbols are very spiritual. This popular design often shows up in tattoos and jewelry to mean eternity, or something that is forever. This could be love, family, power, or anything that means something to you. Simply put, infinity symbols are a great way to remind the wearer of a commitment or goal that is important to them.

  1. Cross

Twisted Cross Necklace 18K Gold over Sterling SilverJewelry with religious symbolism has been common for centuries. In Western culture, a Christian cross is very popular. The lowercase “t” shape stands for the wooden structure that Jesus was crucified on.

The cross is now a universal symbol of faith. It is most popular as a pendant, and is a meaningful gift for Christian women at their confirmations. Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and even Eminem have proudly worn their cross necklaces at public events or on stage.

A necklace with a cross, or a different symbol depending on religion, is a constant reminder of faith. It allows the wearer’s gods to always be with them. They can hold it in times of need or use it while praying. This makes it an extra special piece of jewelry.

  1. Angel wing

In religion, angels symbolize divine protection. They are supposed to watch over, support and guide people. Therefore, angel wing necklaces are associated with safety, hope, and happiness.

Angels are also refer to the afterlife. An angel wing necklace can be a lovely gift for a loved one or even yourself if there has been a recent loss that you are grieving. It is a beautiful way to keep a little part of that person’s memory with you. This can help with the grieving process.

Angel wing necklaces were a key feature of Miranda Kerr’s jewelry line. They also looked very nice on Gwen Stefani and Ellie Goulding. Angel wings are dainty, feminine and elegant. The detail between the feathers is a stunning look.

  1. Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a curse. It means if a person looks at you in an evil way, the person who gets looked at will be cursed. This is a popular belief in the Middle East, Africa, the Mediterranean, and parts of Asia.

Evil eye beads are a type of jewelry invented to protect against the curse. These were amulets made of blue glass, with an eyeball at the center. Over centuries, these beads became fashionable. Now jewelers make this type of symbolic jewelry in many different materials, styles and colors, using diamonds, metal, gemstones or enamel. You can find an Evil Eye depicted in many kinds of jewelry designs.

  1. Peace sign

The peace sign was designed in 1958 by artist Gerald Holtom for the British campaign for nuclear disarmament. Design incorporates the flag signals for “nuclear” and “disarmament.”

However, the peace sign quickly became the icon for the American protest movement against the Vietnam war in the 1960s. Since then, it has taken off in fashion, tattoos, pins, and jewelry. It is popular with young wearers who want to express their values and beliefs. It has a laid-back, retro vibe and can look cute and vintage when styled well.

  1. Leaf

A leaf is a simple and timeless jewelry symbol. Directly, leaves are a part of nature and show connection to the world. People who consider themselves outdoorsy might like to wear leaf

14K Gold Plated Pendant Necklace Ginkgo Leaf After Rain 16th holiday gala silent auction GOAF

necklaces. This is a simple way to express a love of the natural world.

Leaves can also represent fertility and growth. Some leaves from long-lasting and huge trees, such as the ginkgo leaf, also evoke feelings of strength and stability.  There are so many unique ways to style this design, but leaves are always a subtle symbol of growth, fertility, and life.

Many elegant celebrities wear dainty leaf necklaces. Jennifer Aniston often likes to wear a simple gold pendant in a shape of a leaf. Kate Middleton was also wearing a gorgeous enamel leaf necklace at the 2020 BAFTAs.

  1. Tree of life

The tree of life is a picture of a tree with many intricate branches, often framed by a circle  In many cultures, the tree stands for the connection between all life on earth. It has links with philosophy, science and humanity. The design is very intricate, so it looks best on a large pendant or charm.

Like a peace sign, the tree of life is a great addition to a bohemian inspired outfit. It shows the wearer is one with nature and feels a spiritual connection to the natural world.

  1. Moon

Celestial jewelry has become very popular in recent years. It presents a spiritual and mysterious aesthetic, which is an appealing look. Celestial jewelry can be both elegant and cute depending on the outfit selection, so it’s also very versatile. However, many people aren’t aware of what moon inspired jewelry truly means.

Crescent moon jewelry was widely popular during the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras. The industrial revolution happened during this time. This meant women were beginning to enter the workforce. The groundwork was being laid for modern women’s rights. Therefore, moons often represented feminism, change, and society’s progress.

As the moon symbolizes feminine energy, these designs specifically denote female growth. Even today, a crescent moon piece makes a great gift for someone you love who is going through a life journey. The moon shows steady but unstoppable progress, and is particularly meaningful for women.

While a crescent moon is the most popular shape for moon inspired jewelry, sometimes a thin new moon is featured as a unique pendant or charm. The new moon is a way to show the power of rebirth, new life and new beginnings.

  1. Zodiac symbols

Jewelry pieces showing the sun and stars are beautiful and mysterious. If you’re not religious, zodiac jewelry makes a great way to express your spirituality and connection with the higher powers of the universe. It’s also personal – you can select a piece which depicts your star sign.

Zodiac jewelry can be designed in a few ways. Sometimes, the constellation of the sign is used. This will be presented as a cluster of diamonds or other gems in the shape of the zodiac’s stars. This is a really subtle and elegant way to show off your sign.

Other times, the symbol of the zodiac will be imprinted into a pendant or charm. For instance, the symbol for Aries is a V shape, stylized to have ram horns. If your sign has a symbol you like, this can be a great option.

Finally, some zodiac jewelry is presented as the “gloss” which relates to the sign. This is usually an animal, such as a fish for Pisces, but not always. Libra has scales, and Gemini has twins. Depending on your gloss, a piece that represents it may be a beautiful choice.

Jessica Alba is known for often wearing her Taurus pendant, depicting a bull which is the animal of her Zodiac. Meghan Markle recently bought cute zodiac necklaces for each member of her family.

  1. Star

Sun, Moon, Star 18K gold and rhodium plated sterling silver lariat necklace by ARY D'PO as symbolic jewelryStars are a highly popular image in jewelry, and have a wide variety of meanings. Celestial style stars in jewelry often represent the influence of a higher power. In many cultures, they relate to protection, and warding off evil.

Stars can also be a great symbol of spiritual guidance. They can denote motivation or wishes, like in the term “shooting for the stars.”

Star jewelry can feel very empowering and great to wear. They make a fitting gift for loved ones who are motivated and working hard to be successful.