6 Fun And Creative Ways To Give A Jewelry Gift

6 Fun And Creative Ways To Give A Jewelry Gift

You’ve purchased a beautiful piece of jewelry for your girlfriend, wife or family member. Maybe it’s designer earrings or a stunning handmade necklace.

She’s going to be thrilled! But have you put any thought into fun and creative ways to give her this jewelry gift?

Normally, you would wait until it was the morning of her birthday, or you were sitting down over a romantic dinner. When the moment is right, you would give her a jewelry box – probably wrapped. And there’s nothing wrong with this! It’s a classic, and expected way to receive a gift. But let’s face it – she’s had this same experience before. She’ll love the jewelry…but the moment might be forgotten. However, it doesn’t take much extra effort to present the jewelry in a fun and creative way, setting it apart from all the other times she’s received jewelry before.

If you get it right, any woman will enjoy receiving her gift in a special and unique way that she can always remember. She’ll always treasure the memory, and it will create a fun story for her to tell all her friends when they ask where she got her stunning new bracelet.

But, remember that when you give a gift in a non-traditional way, not every creative option is right for every girl.

A shy and low maintenance girl might feel embarrassed to have a gift show up to her work. A very serious woman might not appreciate working through a scavenger hunt. As you read the ideas, imagine your gift recipient and how she would react to them.

1. Misleading packaging

Shiny Star Bracelet 18K Gold Over Sterling SilverEven when wrapped in paper, it’s usually easy to recognize a jewelry box. Create a package that misleads the recipient to think they’re getting something boring or disappointing. Because, if she thinks she’s opening a pair of kitchen tongs, it’ll be a far more exciting surprise when she finds beautiful earrings tucked inside.

When planning the misleading packaging trick, you want to make sure that she begins to feel a little disappointed. The best way to do this is to find a box for a terrible gift, such as a laundry powder box, and then simply put the jewelry box – the real gift – inside.

She’ll be upset that you got her such an awful present for your anniversary or whatever the occasion is. But, when the real jewelry gift comes out, her negative feelings will be quickly replaced with surprise and joy. If the recipient of this gift has a good sense of humor and you have a playful relationship, this is such a fun and creative way to give a jewelry gift.

2. Surprise her in a special location

A simple but effective way to elevate the way you give a jewelry gift is to consider the setting. If it’s a romantic anniversary, take her to the cafe you had your first date. If it’s her birthday, take her to a place you know she loves, like her favorite restaurant or a scenic lookout where you know that she feels at peace. The setting will have a major impact on the moment she receives her perfectly selected new jewelry.

The place you choose depends on the reason you’re giving her jewelry, but feel free to get creative. In fact, the less romantic the location is, the less she’ll expect you to pull out a beautiful necklace, bracelet or earrings! If you take her outside of the house where you first met at a party years ago, it’s so personal to your relationship – there’s nothing romantic about the location for anyone except you two. She’ll love that you remembered the location that’s so unique to your love story.

3. Use a holiday ornament for a festive surprise

This is a perfect creative way to give a jewelry gift during the holiday season. To pull this off, all you have to do is find a clear glass Christmas tree bauble at any craft store. Remove the top and put the jewelry inside. Hang it on the Christmas tree, and on the day, have her go search on the tree for her gift.

You can also add other details such as a little glitter or confetti to make it more attention grabbing and pretty. When the bauble hangs on the tree, the light will bounce off it and the jewelry inside will shimmer and look gorgeous.

4. Plan a scavenger hunt

Doesn’t simply giving the recipient her gift seem a little too easy? Instead, hand her an envelope with the first clue, and set her off on a scavenger hunt to find clues and track down her first. This idea requires a little extra planning, but is so creative and perfect if she’s the sort of person who loves puzzles and figuring stuff out.

You can make the hunt as long, difficult and complex as you like. It could be just in the house, or all over town. You could have some sort of theme, such as her favorite hobby. There are so many ways to customize this idea. It’s such a fun and different way to get her really excited for what she’s going to find at the end!

5. Brighten her boring work day

Many women love receiving a gift from their partner at work, particularly when they aren’t expecting it. Everyone knows how exciting it feels to be the one getting flowers or chocolates delivered to the office! Just make sure that her job has the kind of workplace where this sort of thing is acceptable.

This method for giving a jewelry gift is a particularly great choice on a day like Valentine’s Day, when her colleagues are likely to be getting gifts too. This way, she won’t feel embarrassed from having attention on her. Though, with that said, if she loves being in the spotlight, you can do this for her on any occasion. Or do this even as a random surprise!

6. Let her find it herself

Rather than handing over the gift, you can place it somewhere where she’s bound to stumble upon it. Put the present somewhere she accesses during her daily routine, like inside her shoe or in her coffee mug. She’ll be going about her day as normal when she’ll suddenly come across an unexpected, stunning gift. It helps if the hiding place is somewhere totally mundane, so she’s totally caught off guard when she finds something out of the ordinary and special there.

Remember that you have to consider the woman’s personality and preferences. Many women might want a slightly flashier presentation than this. However, this is perfect for someone who’s no fuss and low maintenance, the kind of person who insisted you didn’t have to get her anything, but you wanted to treat her anyway!

ARY DPO Hearts and Orbs necklace placed with the branded packaging and a beautiful bouquet of red roses There are so many fun and creative ways to give a jewelry gift

By putting a little extra planning into the presentation of your gift, you’ll take the moment to new heights. If you choose to give the earrings, necklace or bracelet you’ve carefully chosen in an imaginative way, make sure the method you choose matches her personality. And if you give it to her in a way she finds exciting and special, she’ll remember that unique moment forever!