Fashion Tips for the Holidays

Fashion Tips for the Holidays

An outfit cannot be completed without the perfect accessories. The right jewelry can make any outfit stand out and take your holiday style to the next level. Unfortunately, when jewelry is excessive, this can make your outfit look tacky and overdone. It’s important to remember that there’s the right bling for every holiday or occasion. As the holidays slowly approach, here are a few tips to keep your outfit sparkling this season:


Color coordinating is the perfect way to put an outfit together without the stress of overdressing. When a person color-coordinates, this makes it easier to choose which accessories perfectly match your outfits. An easy way to color-coordinate is sticking to color themes in tune with the holiday. For example, if Thanksgiving colors were typically Fall colors such as orange, brown, nude, olive, and burgundy, Christmas colors are usually red, green, gold, and white. Knowing holiday color themes makes it simple to put an outfit together without overdressing.

Make Your Outfit Simple…but Significant

Accessories are a great way to take your holiday outfits to the next level. Adding unique pieces of jewelry to your outfits will make you stand out this holiday season. Wearing a simple color-coordinated outfit allows you to sparkle in your bling. Doing this draws attention away from your outfit, which allows your guests to admire your beautiful jewelry.

Fashion Tips for the Holidays-Carly Diamond Stone

Wearing excessive jewelry can make your outfit look unpresentable and thrown together. We at ARY D’PO like to separate our pieces by collections presented by models to help our customers coordinate ideal combinations of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Add Your Personality

No matter what you choose to wear this holiday season, always be sure to make it stand out by adding your style. Doing this can help take your outfit to the next level and also boost your confidence around your guests this year. Wear your favorite jewelry, pair of shoes, headpiece, or belt. Whatever you may choose to add to your outfit, ensure it displays a characteristic of yourself and serves as a reflection of your personality.

We wish you a happy and joyful Holiday Season!