Why Do Women Love Jewelry?

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For lots of men, or women with a more masculine style, it feels like a mystery: why do women love jewelry so much? What’s the hype over the small pieces of metal that women are always wearing?

Often, people don’t realize that jewelry is so much more than the physical object. Behind each piece is memories, love, passion, pride, self expression, and beauty. Each ring, bracelet, necklace or set of earrings is a symbol of something special to the woman who cherishes them.

All over the world, for thousands of years, women have worn jewelry. It is often a part of her identity. Jewelry is a key means of self expression which she can use to show off who she is. With her necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, a woman can tell a lot about herself. It might be her success, personality, religion, or anything else sacred to her.

One of the most special things about jewelry is that it is one of the few things you can buy that will be loved for a lifetime. Some women like to own jewelry with the goal of passing it down to her children, creating the lifelong legacy of a family heirloom.

Jewelry is wrought with emotion. For instance, an engagement ring symbolizes her love for her partner and her commitment to them. Jewelry given to her as a gift is one of the most tangible and timeless symbols of love. With this special gift, she gets to not only enhance her beauty, but also celebrate who she is and what she values.

So, why do women love jewelry?

Jewelry is aesthetically pleasing

In the way we appreciate gorgeous architecture, art, or nature, we appreciate jewelry. In almost every way, designers and jewelers are artists. They take precious raw materials such as gold, silver and gemstones, and infuse them with creativity and feeling.

Most people will agree that jewelry is simply beautiful. Think of the complex way a ray of light dances through a crystal. Imagine the luxurious warmth of quality gold. Picture the perfect tiny and ornate designs on an etched pendant. These vignettes are the works of highly talented artists.

Humans love beauty, although beauty is something very hard to understand. We are drawn towards shapes, colors and designs that align with the natural radiance of nature. Something deep inside our brains feels pleasure when we see beautiful and creative art of the world. When we see stunning art and jewelry, we feel a true sense of harmony and the divine.

Designer jewelry is a tiny piece of art

Many people enjoy wearing designer jewelry as a means of artistic expression. Many small boutiques have gorgeous pieces of jewelry from designers and artists. Because they are so small, they are often easier to afford than larger works of visual art. Even so, they are absolutely stunning.

Artistically designed jewelry often features high quality or unique materials, and gorgeous colors, textures and designs. By buying handmade and artisanal jewelry in this way, a woman also gets to support local talent and celebrate their artistic works.

It elevates an outfit

A beautiful woman with long dark hair is wearing a black dress, a fancy mask and ARY DPO Black Ginkgo JewelryAdding some earrings, bracelets or necklaces to a look is an easy way to give an outfit the boost it needs. Without pieces of jewelry, an outfit can sometimes feel a little incomplete. With a tasteful necklace or trendy earrings, the look comes together and becomes far more polished.

Although a casual outfit often looks fine without jewelry, formal looks must always be lifted with lovely pieces. Most women enjoy detailing their evening ensembles with precious metals, gemstones and crystals. For weddings, graduations, awards, birthday parties, and anniversary dinners, jewelry is a key part of an outfit. For most women, going without would feel strange. They would feel underdressed without jewelry adding a sparkle to their special look.

Outside of formal events, jewelry is also an easy way to look on trend without too much effort. For instance, jeans and a t-shirt will never go out of style. They would look fine without jewelry. However, small hoop earrings decorated with charms or a chain necklace boosts the look. They are a great way to bring the look up to date. Many women like to work modern and fun jewelry trends into their daily outfits to add a simple lift to their personal style.

The pieces are a means of self expression

Jewelry is a perfect way for a woman to express herself and show off who she is to the world. This can take the form of anything from a direct piece of her identity to something that simply represents her energy. An Irish woman might want to remind herself and others of her heritage with an antique Claddagh ring. A bold and lively lady might want to boast her personality with a necklace of big, bright beads.

Of course, many aspects of an outfit can have a similar effect. This isn’t always restricted to jewelry. Women can usually express themselves with their whole wardrobe. However, jewelry is often particularly tied to a woman’s self expression when she has to adhere to a dress code or uniform.

There are many constraints women might have that restrict their clothing. For instance, women who work in the medical field can’t wear jewelry with scrubs. The same goes for police officers, many retail workers, or those who go to a school with a uniform. For these people, jewelry might be the main way to personalize her look.

Even in a strict environment, most women can wear a ring or simple earrings. In this way, she can keep something special close to her, and show the world a glimpse of who she is.

Also, women love jewelry, because it is often meaningful

Shiny Stars jewelry collection in gold and rhodium over sterling silver by ARY DPO on white rocks for Why Do Women Love Jewelry blogBecause high quality jewelry is made of precious materials, it is a lasting and meaningful object. Most people own some jewelry that is a family heirloom. It might be a grandma’s engagement ring, an ancient pendant, or a pair of earrings decades old. Such antique pieces get more significant as they get passed through many generations. They can be a symbol of family, love and many other values.

Even new jewelry often holds a lot of significance to the owner. Many women receive gifts from people they love. It is often a romantic present from a partner on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. In this instance, the piece represents the love shared between the gift giver and receiver.

Jewelry is often a gift to celebrate an achievement. For example, a high quality piece of jewelry is a common graduation gift. In this context, the piece represents the woman’s impressive achievement. It shows the giver’s recognition of her skills and hard work. Every time she sees or wears the piece, she can fondly recall the day she achieved something huge, and how proud her loved ones are.

A valued piece might represent her love for her husband, her pride in passing the bar exam, or any number of great things in her life. When jewelry is high quality, it is a symbol of the significance of the occasion or relationship it symbolizes. She may pass such meaningful pieces down to her own children, beginning a beautiful family heirloom of her own.